The Campidarte project

Campidarte is the name of the project, was born in May 2012, as a project between 3 interior designer, Giampiero Bernazzani, Alberto Brancaleon and Giorgio Deplano, who have begun to redevelop four sheds sites in the Sardinian countryside. These were first used as breeding poultry and the company of Mario Deplano, father of Giorgio. Over time the team has changed and there are now a new team that follow Campidarte, made by Paul Carcangiu, Gianluca Zaccariotto, Rita Deplano, Stefano Melis and Giorgio Deplano.

Topics of the project. Campidarte wants to combine five different aspects: nature, art, design, events and food.

Nature, because is located in 16 hectares of countryside in Sardinia.

Art because Campidarte is characterized by the project “artists in residence”. The artists come here in two ways: short or long period. In the short term usually artists paint the walls. Over the longer term, which it can reach two months, they work in the outside creating installations, because the idea is to create a cultural path distributed within the area, which offers the opportunity to walk among nature and artist installations.

Campidarte wants to create a new concept of design, that is a mix between the urban design, to which we are commonly used and one more craft that we produce in the laboratory.

During the first four years we have organized a number of events that have become a very important part of the project because, thanks to them, people have started to know Campidarte and have had the opportunity to see first hand contemporary art, as well as a way new approach the design. Combined with Campidarte events it has the interest to support the artists, purchase the materials they need, and for the lab materials.

This is the reason why we have now decided to renew this shed, which is the event area, to open again also like a farmhouse to bi able to unite people of different ages and lifestyles, and make sure that Campidarte will be able to offer a great and more confortable atmosphere.

That’s why we are asking your support to make this project possible!