Golahundum fine di una residenza

22 APRILE – PASQUETTA Stiamo organizzando una bellissima giornata in occasione dell’inizio della primavera e a conclusione della residenza artistica di #Golahundun !! Nuovo artista in residenza che stà già lavorando qui a #Campidarte !! Si stà portando avanti sia una nuova installazione nel terreno che un nuovo murales!! Golahundun è un artista molto sensibile…

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What happens if we stack dozens and dozens of recycled folders of eggs, we pierce them in the center and let a rope pass through it? This is how Snake was born, our super jointed seat, resistant, colored and adaptable to any type of environment. Perfect for outdoors and particularly suitable for large spaces and…

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Midi Snake

MiddleSnake is the medium version of the series of sofas created by the re-use of egg folders. Folders are pierced, stacked and a string is passed inside them, thus guaranteeing continuous jointability to the sofa. Folders thus stacked guarantee a great resistance to weight. The two handles help transport. With colors you can indulge yourself!…

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